"Clothes that speak Volumes: Echoing Memories, Attitude, and Future."



独自のスタイルは、日本出身の長谷川照洋と中国出身のJianying "Wing" Laiというデザイナーの多様な背景を反映しており、アジアの職人技とヨーロッパのオート・クチュールのメゾンから得た豊富な専門知識をシームレスに融合させ、多文化的で未来志向の視点を表現している。
セントラル・セント・マーチンズ ウィメンズウェアの学士号を取得後、故ルイーズ・ウィルソンOBEの下で修士号を取得。2014 年には卒業コレクションでLVMH graduate賞を受賞後、リカルド ティッシの下でジバンシィにてキャリアをスタート。 スキル、美学、ダイナミックなデザインが評価され、ティッシに新部門を与えられ、プレタポルテ、オートクチュール、VIP プロジェクトの特別で複雑なデザインを担当。 その後、二人はティッシとともにバーバリーにデザインディレクターとして移籍。 帰国後、GURTWEINを設立。Spring/Summer 2023シーズンからコレクションを発表。


GURTWEIN's style is a fusion of Zen mystique and the power of Gothic marble statues, highlighted with cyber-inspired hues in the shade.

Haute couture-inspired designs with luxurious modern elements are present throughout GURTWEIN's lineup, ranging from eveningwear to everyday wear for the metropolitan lifestyle.

The garments are crafted for seamless transitions, featuring razor-sharp silhouettes that combine strength and elegance. They are modernized through delicate tailoring methods and exquisite sustainable fabrics.

This fusion reflects the diverse backgrounds of its designers, Jianying "Wing" Lai (Chinese) and Teruhiro Hasegawa (Japanese), seamlessly blending Asian craftsmanship with the rich expertise gleaned from European haute couture houses, expressing a multicultural and forward-thinking perspective.


GURTWEIN was founded by Chinese and Japanese duo designers Jianying "Wing" Lai and Teruhiro Hasegawa. They met one another while studying at Central Saint Martins, both completed a BA in Womenswear, and an MA under the late Louise Wilson OBE.

After Teru receiving the LVMH Graduate Prize in 2014, the designers started career at Givenchy under Ricardo Tisci. Valued for their skill, design aesthetic and dynamic way of working, they were given a new department to head up reporting directly to Tisci, and were notably responsible for special and complex designs for ready-to-wear, haute couture and VIP projects. The duo subsequently moved with Tisci to Burberry as director position. In 2020, they founded Gurtwein, a multi-cultural brand which is an anagram of their names.